Your Bristol Life

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BCfm commissioned 10 local-based creatives to produce a short audio piece or documentary on an aspect of Bristol history, in partnership with the Bristol Cable, Bristol History Podcast and In The Dark.

Available on all major podcast platforms.

EPISODE ONE – The Bristolian Refugee by Samantha Sayer

EPISODE TWO – Skate or Cry by Jazlyn Pinckney

EPISODE THREE – Henrietta Lacks by Daniel Edmund

EPISODE FOUR – Old Market (REMIXED) by Tom Marshman and Bernie Hodges

EPISODE FIVE – Bianchi’s Food Group by Steven Mitchell

EPISODE SIX – L’Chaim, My Lovers by Tom Chachewitz

EPISODE SEVEN – Love Her by Mary Milton

EPISODE EIGHT – Purple Penguin by Peter Hall

EPISODE NINE – A Bristol Boy’s Disabled Life by Richard Prior

EPISODE TEN – The Sound of Saffron by Charlie West