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Bristol For The Record: A New Podcast Journey Through Time

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BCfm Radio, in partnership with M Shed, is very excited to release ‘Bristol For The Record’,
a new local oral history podcast capturing the rich tapestry of life in the historic city of Bristol.

The 28 interviews, recorded over a two-year period, showcase the diverse narratives of
Bristolians and delve into various aspects of Bristol’s unique culture, history, and identity.

Listeners are invited on a journey through time as Bristol For The Record discovers untold
stories, vivid memories, and the authentic voices of people who have shaped the city’s

At the start of the project, MShed made clear what was missing from their archive audio
collections, including content on local media outlets, what people do outside of work
(leisure), different groups of people and identities, as well as interviews with teenagers and
young people.

Project Lead Marcus Smith said “Podcasting has made it easier than ever to record and
share stories, as well as reimagine and reuse audio archive collections. A big shout out to
all the amazing folks who agreed to be interviewed and thanks to the heroes who worked
behind the scenes.”

This collaborative effort was made possible with placement students from the University of
the West of England and the generous funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The podcast series is categorised into four categories: MEDIA, LEISURE, IDENTITY, YOUTH.

1. Bristol Post – Eugene Byrne
2. BCfm – Patrick Hart
3. Ujima Radio – Miranda Rae
4. The Canary – Kerry Anne Mendoza
5. Bristol 24/7 – Chris Brown
6. Venue Magazine – Dougal Templeton
7. The Bristol Cable – Adam Cantwell-Corn
8. Vocalise Magazine – Vandna Mehta

1. Stand Up Comedy – Mark Olver
2. Gospel Choir – Kim & Vernon Samuels
3. Theatre – Joe Sims
4. Eating Out – Bos Finesse
5. Nightclubs – Marti Burgess
6. Football – Zoe Gibbons
7. Cinema – Timon Singh
8. Nature Photography – Sam Binding

1. Women – Jane Duffus
2. Working Class – Henry Palmer
3. HIV Positive – Aled Osbourne
4. Black & African Heritage – Cleo Lake
5. Muslims – Afzal Shah
6. Older People – Ian Quaife
7. LGBTQ Plus – Jack Shoulder

1. Willow, Aged 17
2. India, Aged 12
3. Matilda, Aged 18
4. Freddie, Aged 15
5. Ellen, Aged 14
6. Neisha, Aged 17
7. Poppy, Aged 14