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So Proud of OUR BCfm team

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Whilst many organisations struggle just to survive and function. BCfm Radio go the extra mile, infact 5693 miles twice!

It was June 2014 when our team flew to Rio to broadcast those historic shows from Brazil back to the kitchens, cars and homes of Bristol. It was a project where station manager Pat Hart dared to dream and convince his co-presenters that they could go to the world cup just like the BBC & ITV and broadcast sound and pictures. Infact the entire project became so celebrated it hit national & international headlines and not satisfied with just one dream, the guys promised a group of guitarists that they met in a favela in Rio that they would bring them to Bristol…………Forwind to July 2016 and it happened. Another dream, another unlikely story and more changed lives from an award winning community radio station that always puts others first. Coming soon a TV documentary about the project and how dreams really can come true.