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Elected Mayor Apologises to One Love Breakfast

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Bristol’s Elected Mayor George Ferguson made an apology via twitter this morning thanks to our very own One Love Breakfast Show after being involved in a controversial exchange on the social media site following his comparison of cyclists being victimised to racism in the American deep South in the 1960’s.

One Love Breakfast host Pat Hart and co – presenter Harriet Robinson, Colin Moody & Primrose Granville discussed the topic at length with a high volume of listeners interaction via Facebook & twitter.

Eventually Mr Hart tweeted the mayor asking hime to just “apologise and move on”. Some listeners commented that it was highly unlikely that Mr Ferguson would ever apologise however 20 minutes later he tweeted the words “Yes @onelovebrekky @BCfmRadio @Ujimaradio I apologise for causing any offense – was never my intention to equate both forms of intolerance.”

The tweet was then picked up by the local paper and Made In Bristol TV amongst other media outlets that posted the screen shot of the tweet initiated by your favourite LOCAL breakfast show.

Great to know that the BCfm Radio produced breakfast show is helping to set the agenda for the city.