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‘Undercurrents’ is a sonic poem created by Libita Sibungu that explores Bristol Beacon’s history and our position on the water, re-contextualised in resonance with African diasporic experiences and Afrofuturism.

The audio artwork was developed collaboratively through a series of workshops with black artists, writers and historians with a connection to Bristol in response to field and hydrophone recordings gathered in 2022.

Libita describes the artwork as “not about an end destination, it’s about process and reflection to re-imagine the present, impacted by the ongoing rupture, the afterlives, of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Whilst making way for the flood, grief and rage that comes with that, for any catharsis to happen.”

In her workshops, co-facilitated with artists  Imani Mason Jordan, Kayle Brandon, Felix Taylor, Libita gathered responses in a ‘listening ceremony with water’ that formed the basis for the sonic poem Undercurrents.

The sonic poem will be broadcast for the first time at 18:00 on Thursday 25th January by BCfm and Radio Amnion.

Commissioned by Bristol Beacon
Supported using public funding by Arts Council England


Curated by Theresa Bergne Field Art Projects
Produced by Prince Taylor

Lead vocals and arrangement by Libita Sibungu
Sound design and composition by Felix Taylor

Vocal contributions from:
Kayle Brandon

Edson Burton
Maria Christoforidou
Fozia Ismail
Valda Jackson
Imani Mason Jordan
Shawn-Napthali Sobers
Felix Taylor