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The heads of most global nations are meeting in Egypt to discuss ways of fighting climate change at COP27. So what better time to highlight what’s happening to our world and to talk about what we can do about it.

All this week, BCfm will be shining the spotlight on climate change; we’ll be talking about what’s happening to our world, looking at solutions and hearing from people about the inspiring changes they’ve made to their lives to reduce their footprint on the planet. We’ll hear from Bristol schools about going eco, and also how to cut your energy bill, saving money and the planet at the same time.

We’ll also be celebrating all that our amazing earth has to offer; listening to the mind-expanding poetry of the more than human with Caleb Parkin, hearing the music of mushrooms by musician Alex H Duncan, and much more music that celebrates our amazing planet.

There will also be help at hand if you’re anxious about what’s happening. Linda Aspey has one tip per day to help deal with those anxious feelings, and there’s also information about climate cafes and what activists can do who are suffering from burnout.

Plus, on Friday we will be holding a vegan sausage tasting on the One Love Breakfast Show!

Will our hardened carnivores be persuaded to switch to plant sausages every now and then?

Tune in to find out!