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BCfm Launches New Road Safety Campaign

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Our roads are the arteries of our community, connecting us to work, school, and loved ones, but with busy streets comes the responsibility to keep everyone safe.

That’s why BCfm Radio is teaming up with Avon & Somerset Police to promote road safety in Bristol and beyond. So buckle up, because we are hitting the brakes on accidents and raising awareness about how we can all make our streets safer for everyone.

Why is this important?

Road safety is no small matter. In the UK, an average of five people lose their lives on the roads every single day. That’s five families, five communities forever changed by tragedy. We believe that even one life lost is one too many, and that’s why we’re taking action.

What are we doing?

Throughout February and March, tune in to BCfm Radio for interviews with road safety experts and informative segments reminding all road users to share the streets responsibly.

We will be featuring interviews with key figures like:

  • PC Daniel Cox, Road Safety Officer, Avon & Somerset Police
  • Alice Ferguson, Co-Founder & Associate, Playing Out
  • Emily Cooke, Road Safety Lead for Children & Young People, Avon Fire & Rescue
  • Heather Lindsey, Traffic Management Supervisor, Avon & Somerset Police
  • Martin Evans, Secretary, Bristol Advanced Motorists
  • Ruth Purdie OBE, CEO, UK Road Offender Education
  • Mark King, Service Director for Place, South Gloucestershire Council

You can also find some top tips and advice about road safety on our Instagram, X and Facebook social media accounts (@bcfmradio).

Together, we can make a difference. By working together, we can create a safer and more enjoyable community for everyone. So let’s make our streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, and everyone in between.

Remember, the road is a shared space.

Let’s respect each other and make safety our top priority.