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BCfm part of the National Radio Archive

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The British Library is recognised as the home of the nation’s radio archives and they have chosen BCfm to form part of the collection.

The current radio archive comprises of around 250,000 hours.

However, of the estimated 3 million hours of radio broadcast in the UK each year from 700 stations, the Library is acquiring a mere 20,000 hours.

It is estimated that 92% of current UK radio is not being properly preserved, with only 2% being made available for potential future use and research.

To address the gaps in their recordings, the National Radio Archive project plans to create a digital radio archive that will preserve a representative proportion of ongoing UK radio output.

Their first step is to build a pilot radio archive, covering up to 50 stations from across the UK, with the potential to develop this into a long-term service.

BCfm CEO, Patrick Hart said: “This is another validation of our position in the city, for over 15 years we’ve been representing and amplifying the voices of our everyday and under-served communities, I’m so proud of our team”.

BCfm Development Lead, Marcus Smith said “We were really chuffed about being selected, it means our independent news and the many conversations of our presenters and guests will be available for future generations”.