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An Act of Love: The Trial of the Colston 4

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This exclusive BCfm podcast was commissioned as part of Resourcing Racial Justice (RRJ) reflections, learning and evaluation.

The four people charged with criminal damage for toppling the statue of enslaver Edward Colston were recently found not guilty by a jury. It was a historic case which made headlines the world over. But here in this podcast, we talk about an aspect of the trial that you will not hear about in the news: love.

Using archive news footage, interviews with campaigners, and scenes from the courtroom, presenter Priyanka Raval – who was there for the duration of the trial – looks at the remarkable role of love, compassion, and allyship in this case. We ask, was this a win for racial justice? And what role does love play in our efforts for social justice?

Presented and Written by Priyanka Raval
Produced by Marcus Smith and Tin Hinson